Our Solutions

Fuel & Fleet

FleetOps platform, a proprietary system which encompass complete range of functionalities specific to oil retail industry.

Through FleetOps, Fleet Managers are able to get extensive information about the cardholder by generating relevant and resourceful information on their spending patterns, vehicle performance, financial and other organizational information, allowing to better manage company vehicle-related spending.

  • Interface with different pump controllers
  • Support different payment medias (mag stripe, chip & PIN, RFID, pre and post paid)
  • Multiple communication ways (GPRS, GSM, CDMA, Wifi, Ethernet LAN or Dial-up)
  • Comprehensive integration capabilities with most of existing external or third party systems
  • On and off line transaction processing
  • Dual card support (driver card and vehicle)
  • Advanced fraud management module which includes extensive velocities and restrictions options
  • Extended reporting options
  • Built-in loyalty solution


LoyaltyOps platform, a proprietary system capable to manage points, instant earn & burn points and different modules such as customer services.

Be it a loyalty bureau services, stand alone loyalty program, co-branded or add-on service for a credit card program, LoyaltyOps provides comprehensive features and tools for the card issuer to maintain the most dynamic loyalty campaign demanded. LoyaltyOps platform can be integrated with multiple external systems, such as CRM or data mining application for intelligence information-refining; SAP or other accounting and financial system for cost consolidation / planning / P&L.

  • Comprehensive integration capabilities with most of existing external or third party systems
  • On and off line transaction processing
  • Support multiple Product SKUs with complex points conversion rules
  • Point-of-Sales redemption using card
  • Point Earning + Cash redemption
  • Campaign management and targeting
  • Data Analytics and Data Mining

Customized Payment Solutions

PaymentOps platform, a proprietary system which enable retailers to run its own Gift Card or Expense Management program integrated to its point of sale and multiple external systems.

  • Gift Card Solution
  • Expense Management Solution
  • Support different payment medias (magstripe, chip & PIN, RFID, pre and post paid.
  • Extended reporting options


iTrans, an online transaction switching system that provides real time management of communication between capturing device

(EDC, POS, Terminal, etc) and the card system backend host. iTrans handles processing of incoming and outgoing transactions, serving as a gateway for all the participating acquiring banks/centers to minimize risk/exposure and to provide real-time and accurate information to all cardholders. our business needs.