Introduction of Service Desk

Our service desk offering is a communications center where people in your organization can find help for service requests or incidents related to IT, in timely manner. With our centers in various locations (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Belgium), we are able to provide services in different languages and covering different time zone (UTC +10 to UTC -8).

Scope of Service Desk


Infrastructure Incidents


Application Systems Incidents


Service Requests

Covering different size of business and organization

Start Up

Starting a business is challenging especially dealing with a large volume of incidents or request, however due to our scalability, we are able to respond to those demands and provide efficiency in line with KPI metrics, so that Start up’s will be able to focus on the business core competencies.

Work From Home

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, working from home has become crucial, and business continuity planning for an organization requires no downtime or impact to its day-to-day operations. Due to this, Service Desk would be able to support the users via remote management due to its centralized support and suggest to the organization for self-service tools.


According to the business needs for an SME, they may require only certain functions to be carried out mainly on resolving technical issues for users which is based on general solution documents. The Service Desk however takes ownership of issues and provides an all-encompassing service towards Small to Medium Enterprises IT Infrastructure according to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in comparison with a general helpdesk(not part of ITIL) in which it only provides technical resolution but does not liaise with other resolver groups such as onsite engineers, other departments and third parties.


Corporations which require support according to the local time and according to specific business requirement needs a dedicated local service desk. In this scenario there may be more than 1 service desk support centers in each region which has differences in processes and knowledgebase according to the business needs.


Service desk support in an industry covers the usual IT infrastructure eco-system but additionally it also consists of specific software or hardware that is defined by the organization to support the operations in terms of production or manufacturing.


In comparison with corporations which requires local Service Desk support according to the same timeline, Multi-National Companies requires a global support structure in which either a centralized support or follow the sun Service Desk model operates to resolve technical issues for users according to different timelines. Both centralized and follow the sun service desk model uses a global knowledgebase which is applicable to all regions thus streamlining the processes according to ITIL governance of the organization.

Applicable for different use cases


We understand that should there be any compromise in healthcare, lives will be at stake. Thus, our highest priority of service will be provided by our service desk senior analyst to the healthcare organization so that the issue is resolved immediately.


Trading companies rely heavily on data for decision making thus data driven software via desktop or mobile devices for on-the-go data analytics is key to the success of the business, thus Service desk offers specialized support to those devices and software for the organization.


Financial sector relies heavily on ISO standards, practices and processes for audit and compliance. This is turn will need to be applied to all departments within the industry. Benefits of Service desk is that it provides support in line with Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL) standards whereby compliance is vital and proper implementation is applied to all areas of the Service Operation.


Service desk is also able to cater to organizations in the leisure industry in terms of incident logging for IT related issues as well as request pertaining to physical infrastructure by means of escalating to the right resolver groups. There are critical IT systems that supports the business and requires high availability thus the need for fast and efficient resolution according to priority and according to the organizations stipulated Service Level Agreement.


Learning institutions has a wide user base in terms of the students and IT has become an integral part of the students learning experience as they need to utilize the IT tools especially when learning from home which is the norm. Any IT related issues that students are facing would be directed to the educators/IT Admin and the benefits of service desk is that we are able to take the load of them so that they would be able to focus on the bigger tasks at hand. Student onboarding, training and even IT related issues will be supported by the service desk whereas educators and management will benefit from service desk since we provide support according to their infrastructure, software application and request needs.

Public Sector

Processes, documentation, request and vendor management is used extensively in a public sector environment whereby a single point of contact in terms of a service desk would be able to assist the organization to gather the information and provide it to the stakeholder for the next course of action. The actions that are required to be performed by the service desk is reflected in the knowledgebase whereby constant solution document creation, update and review will be done in according to the organizations solution validity policy.

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