Cardtrend Consultancy Services combine industry proven skills with extensive payment expertise in the fuel retail markets to issuers and merchants to maximise value and provide solutions enabling substantial financial gains.

Cardtrend has long been recognised as one of the market leaders in the management, supply and operation of transaction processing, billing and information systems, particularly for the fuel retail and fuel & loyalty card market.

This accumulated expertise has enabled Cardtrend to establish and operate successful consultancy services whose aims are to provide specialist knowledge to the fuel retailing industry particularly in the areas of card management, transaction processing, financial flow management, marketing and sales. Our consultancy services provide cross-functional or single point solutions when and where clients need them most. Our expertise spans the complete payments spectrum.

Our Approach

Our consultants have all been involved in card management systems and operations for a number of years and are ideally placed to understand the needs and demands of the changing fuel card business. Using this wealth of knowledge and experience, Cardtrend Edenred are able to understand fully fuel retailing companies’, third party card issuers’ or acquirers’ requirements within the Asia-Pacific market.

We offer valuable expert advice and risk management, thus enabling our clients to realise their objectives.

Areas of Expertise

A summary of the areas where Cardtrend Consultancy Services can benefit the fuel retail and fuel card sector are illustrated below. Our consultants support all of the activities associated with a multi-functional payment system.

Payment Strategy

Through our search for innovative approach, clients are able to develop new and profitable growth strategies with customized value propositions, trend analysis, and strategic roadmaps.

Innovation & New Product Development

Clients can enjoy portfolio growth and drive revenue by developing new products based on market insights or value proposition, branding, product features, digital payments, telematics, data analytics, loyalty, mono or multi-brand programs.

Fleet Onboarding

On-Boarding Clients

Find innovative, cost-effective methods for attracting new cardholders and improving on-boarding rates.


Our long-term expertise in sales and marketing techniques allows clients to maximize pull-through rates, upscale return on investment, increase conversion, and enjoy additional sales volumes thanks to loyalty to the brand.


Increase loyalty to the brand and customers retention by developing or optimizing cardholder rewards programs.

Risk & Fraud Mitigation

Address risk, fraud mitigation, and operations to increase efficiencies and lower operating costs.


Streamline solution fulfillment to reduce costs and maximize operational efficiencies.

Service Delivery

Enhance the cardholder experience with clear strategies for customer service, authorization and processing platforms, cross selling, call handling, and problem resolution.


Cardtrend has long recognized the need to maintain total confidentiality regarding their clients’ assignments.

For this reason, Cardtrend adhere to a code of practice that protects the interests of each of our clients and ensures that any information supplied by a client remains totally confidential.


Our extensive experience in the fuel card market means that we are in a unique position to help our clients to maximize value, reduce risks & fraud and drive growth in their fuel retail operations.

We focus on B2B and B2B2C Transaction Processing. Therefore, we are continually investigating new ideas and researching how emerging technologies can be harnessed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in our market.

Our clients automatically benefit from the resulting advances that we make in these areas.

The Way Forward

Cardtrend not only provides support and guidance for all phases of the program life-cycle, but also assists the client in identifying improvement opportunities and product development initiatives for new or existing applications.

Encompassing all of these program life-cycle phases are the higher level functional activities covering the areas of project management, planning, auditing, risk analysis, etc. Typically, process improvement initiatives can be applied across all areas of the development life cycle.

Our depth of knowledge within the industry becomes apparent as soon as an assignment is underway.

As an example, no time is lost explaining terminology and business practices specific to the industry as our consultants are already industry experts.