Facility Management Solution

ServeDeck is a smart subscription cloud-based solution aimed at enhancing organizational efficiency in facility operations and management across a range of sectors, including commercial buildings, shopping malls, retail stores, hotels, factories, universities, hospitals, townships, theme parks, and various service providers.

Procurement Management with AI

A digital platform that transforms the vendor sourcing and evaluation process, customized for the healthcare, hotel, and F&B sectors. Its AI engine facilitates seamless collaboration among suppliers and stakeholders, boosting performance, resolving issues, and promoting resilience and innovation within the supply chain.

Next-Gen End Point Security

Cutting-edge cloud-delivered endpoint protection, utilizing AI and machine learning to identify and thwart malware, ransomware, and various cyber threats. These solutions are extensively adopted by organizations to protect their digital assets and networks.

Document Signing Solution

A trusted, secure, and user-friendly platform for digital signatures. It enables unlimited signer and document e-signing and seamlessly integrates with various popular office applications.


Chatbot for Customer Services

A chatbot powered by natural language processing seamlessly integrates with backend systems, delivering meaningful responses to inquiries. It also supports multi-turn dialogs, multiple languages, and other useful features.

Workflow Management for Flexible Work Arrangements

A comprehensive platform designed to support Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) ensures productivity with online workflow assignment, intelligent timesheet tracking, remote attendance, and other innovative features. It seamlessly integrates with various HR systems and ERPs for enhanced efficiency.


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