e-Commerce Solutions

e-Commerce solutions with loyalty and last mile delivery features. Solutions are available for different value added options including training, management, support etc.


Last Mile Delivery Solutions

B2B solutions to cater the business collaboration needs among independent retail operators and independent last mile delivery service providers.

LoyaltyOps - Loyalty Management System

Enterprise grade point based loyalty management system with additional reward function and features that offer end-to-end coverage to loyalty program value chain. The system is flexible and expandable via its API layer.

LoyaltyOpsEx - SaaS for Loyalty Management System

A subscription version of LoyaltyOps that cater business needs of independant retail operators.


Chatbot for Customer Services

Chatbot is fully integrate able with e-commerce solutions or loyalty management systems, capable of providing meaningful response to customer inquiries.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

PRM solutions helps to boost sales through retail channels with automated package management, tier calculation and other functions.

Digital Payment Solutions with Rewards

Automated rewards by digital payments through different channels such as cards, e-wallet, etc.

B2B Payment Solutions

A closed-loop trading eco-system among suppliers and customers (retail operators) with Line of Credit providers.


We have started offers of solution in RetailTech as extension of our solutions for Loyalty and Rewards years ago. As the demand has been developing and our offering has become broader, we decided to segregate our offers into more specific categories.

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