LoyaltyOps - Loyalty Management System

We offer an enterprise-level point-based loyalty management system with advanced reward functionalities, encompassing the entire loyalty program value chain. The system is flexible and scalable through its API layer.

Hey A.MIGO! - Loyalty and Customer Engagement Platform for SME

Award-winning ready-to-go loyalty platform that caters to business needs of SME.

Face Recognition Module for Reward Solutions

Face recognition functions that offer different customer experience and use case of loyalty and reward solutions for theme parks, events, shopping malls, and other sceanarios.

Loyalty Point Exchange Platform

A consolidated platform that offers point exchange among different loyalty programs to benefit the members of all participating programs. It supports comprehensive features to manage all necessary back end processes.

Ticket Xpress - Digital Smart Voucher Plaform

A digital smart voucher system in the voucher ecosystem, eliminating the need to handle hardcopy vouchers or to compile the rewards catalogue manually.


BPO for Loyalty Program

Providing different layers of business process outsourcing for innovative business strategies with the objective to assist clients offer improved loyalty programs to their customers.

Loyalty and Reward

Our expertise in Loyalty and Reward stems from our extensive experience processing large volume transactions. Please contact us to discuss the potential of working together to take your business to the next level.