FleetOps - Fuel Card Management System

Comprehensive and full fledged fuel card management solutions proven in multiple markets capable to handle different pricing structures with variable fee and tax requirements.

FleetOpsEx - SaaS version of FleetOps

A subscription version of Fuel Card Management System to cater the needs of independent fuel retail operators.

Home Based Fleet Solutions

Home Based solution to manage fuel distribution for fleet operator with objectives to reduce leakage, comes with different implementation options to cater different business situation and budget.


Contactless Fuel Payment Solutions

Contactless payment can be achieved using RFID tag, radio frequency nozzle (RFN), mobile app, etc. Enchanced secure options also available by combining the above for two factors authentication (2FA).

Fuel Subsidy Managment System

Managing fuel subsidies based on allocated quotas, discount rates, and various other parameters. Ability to handle comprehensive and targeted subsidy programs.

Fuel Discount Card

A fuel discount card provides diverse discount mechanisms such as subsidies, corporate discounts, tiered discounts, and more, all without needing a credit or prepaid balance.

Fuel Card Payment for EV

Payment solutions for fuel card, as well as e-wallet tailor made for Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station, with specialized functions, features and integration options.


Face Recognition Payment Solutions

Face Recognition payment solutions available in modular options for forecourt or indoor at fuel station.

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