Card Management System

An Innovative card management solution to implement your card program by helping you manage users, card inventory and fulfillment to provision card based products under one platform.


e-Wallet Solutions

Digital Wallet solution frameworks for payment processing and electronic value management to cater to Fuel, Fleet, Loyalty and Payment Products.

Line of Credit Management System

A Platform to manage information of Line of Credit Providers and its transactions, business formula, reports, and other requirements. This system is also applicable to credit guarantor in some market.

Digital Payment Authorization Module

Real time authorization solutions which can be integrated with any Transaction Routing Engine, Payment, Fleet Card or Loyalty management host system to authorize and facilitate transaction and settlement processes.

Digital Transaction Switch

Tailor made For Transaction switching and processing solutions between transaction initiators (eg: EDC, IPT, OPT, SWITCH) and any back office management system which are extensively used to handle Payment, Fleet card and loyalty transactions.


Encryption Module

Serves as the Encryption Middleware between cloud hosted payment applications and on-prem Payment HSM. This allows your businesses to keep up with technology while still comply to the PCI security standards (Payment Card Instrument)

Islamic Social Finance - JomIbadah

A Platform inspired by the challenges faced during Pandemic of Covid-19 to enable patrons to practice Ibadah and Socio-Financing (Charity, Zakat and Sedekah to the community and religious institutions.

Exchange Platform

Solution for digitized commodity exchange with emphasis in regulating processes, custodian workflow, audit reports, as well as trading transaction.

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