Universal Card Management System

Our advanced Universal Card Management System (UCMS) simplifies the implementation of your card program, allowing for efficient management of users, card inventory, and fulfillment—all within a single platform. This encompasses provisioning a range of card-based products, including credit cards, debit cards, white-label cards, fuel cards, loyalty cards, and more.

Fuel Card Management System

We provide a range of fuel card solutions customised for different markets and business requirements, incorporating the latest technologies. Our solutions seamlessly work with payment terminals and switches, accepting various payment mediums such as cards, e-wallets, NFC, QR Code, and more.

Digital Payment Authorization System

Real-time authorization solutions, seamlessly integrable with any transaction routing engine, payment system, fuel card, or loyalty management host system to facilitate transaction and settlement processes.

Loyalty Management System

We offer an enterprise-level point-based loyalty management system with advanced reward functionalities, encompassing the entire loyalty program value chain. The system is flexible and scalable through its API layer.

Line of Credit Management System

A platform for managing Line of Credit Providers' information, transactions, business formulas, reports, and other needs. This system is also applicable to credit guarantors in certain markets.

e-Wallet Solutions

Our transaction acquirer module and backend systems facilitate e-wallet solutions for banks, proprietary programs, and other businesses. It supports retail transactions, loyalty point earning and redemption, micro-loans, B2B transactions, and various other types of transactions.

Digital Transaction Switch

Tailored for switching and processing transactions between initiators (e.g., EDC, IPT, OPT, SWITCH) and any back-office management system extensively used for managing payment, fleet card, and loyalty transactions.


Encryption Module

Acts as the encryption middleware between cloud-hosted payment applications and on-premises payment HSMs, enabling your business to stay technologically current while adhering to PCI security standards (Payment Card Instrument).

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