Cardtrend Infinity is the business unit that dedicated to explore new business opportunities in specific market segments that being strategically prioritise by the company management with recommendation for the company advisory panel.

With the Digital Data and Transaction Processing DNA of Cardtrend, and the industry experts advisory, Cardtrend Infinity is focusing in offer solutions that dedicated for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Internet of Things (IOT), targeting the following segments.


EIM with tailor made components and implementation know-how for government and public sectors is the solution to accelarate e-Government initiatives and simplify digital transformation. The solution unlock the information advantage solution by capturing and processing structured and unstructured data from day-to-day operations and legacy printed documents that already piled for decades.

Oil & Gas

Offering solutions for Oil & Gas industry is one of the Cardtrend traditions. Cardtrend Infinity is offering EDMS solutions to the upstreams , and IOT solutions for to the downstreams of Oil & Gas industry. EDMS improves efficiency of capital project management for oil platforms. IOT solutions helps to track and control the distribution and refilling of fuel to mitigate risk and fraud.

Industry 4.0

We are providing end-to-end solutions or managed services that workable with SMI at readiness of different stages, to simplify Industry 4.0 transformation, and allows SMI to discover new efficiencies and insights, by connecting the existing data feed of various and legacy machinaries in the factories with essential IOT or telematics devices.

Infinity and Beyond

Cardtrend Infinity not only focuses to plans and priorities, but also assist clients in identifying improvement opportunities and product development initiatives for new and existing business needs.