Halal Socio-Economy

Back in 2021, an estimation forecast of approximately USD 3.0 trillion in Islamic Economy to be generated worldwide in 2025. This forecast is based on the Global Islamic Economy Report as well as the Nikkei Asia report back in April this year.

It is also known that Malaysia ranked first among 81 countries and regions in the Global Islamic Economy Indicator for 9 consecutive years (till now). This is largely due to Islamic finance and various Halal products and services offered in the country.

Despite this, the rate of digitalisation competency and adoption in the area need to be increased and accelerated in line with current technological landscape and opportunities.

As to cater to the above, IDE (Islamic Digital Economy) is introduced as part of the digital economy initiative by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to elevate and solidify Malaysia as the leading regional and global Islamic digital marketplace.

Islamic Digital Lifestyle Solutions

As per the above narrative, currently we at Cardtrend are developing our solution in line with the current MDEC’s IDE nationwide campaign.

Our solution focuses in providing digital approach to Islamic Lifestyle which is especially important in this current digital era; while ensuring Islamic teachings are upheld and compliant to Shariah guidelines.

We believe that our solution will be beneficial to communities at large as our goal is to provide a centralised platform where communities able to utilize and further enhance their digital experience while carrying out their daily lives seamlessly.

This solution will also greatly benefit the Muslim community as it aims to assist in Ibadah and cultivate collaboration amongst members of the community with its many features and functionalities.

We at Cardtrend uphold inclusivity and aim for our solution to be accessible to all walks of life. Hence, this solution is inclusive and will be accessible by everyone and not just the Muslim community specifically, with

  • Islamic Digital Economy Product – JomIbadah
  • Professional Services to develop or upgrade customized solutions.
  • Managed Services to support the IDE

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