Working towards establishing a digital-first payment ecosystem

The number of available payment options significantly influences customer spending. Our digital-first payment ecosystem empowers businesses to accept various payment methods, including cash, credit, prepaid, debit, and mobile payments. Established in 2001 as a software company specializing in Payment and Reward solutions, our payment solutions are trusted by industry leaders in the Asia Pacific region. Featuring a highly customizable digital payment authorization and processing platform, our clients benefit from comprehensive features and velocity controls tailored for Fuel, Fleet, and Loyalty businesses.

Solution and Offerings

Our solution specialists excel in delivering innovative, high-quality services, coupled with unparalleled resiliency and security, to our clients and stakeholders. 

  • Fleet Card Management Solution
  • Loyalty Management System
  • Credit and Debit Card Solution
  • Purchasing Card Solution
  • Private Scheme Card Solution
  • General E-Wallet Backend
  • Transaction Authorisation

Our Payment Solutions and its components

Serves as a secure API bridge for cloud-based and on-premise legacy systems that are not able to migrate to the cloud.

Serves as a transaction authorisation switch with the flexibility to accept transactions from various touch points, media and channels.

Connecting with your existing partners (banks, call centres, card embossers, printing houses, key accounts) and ecosystems (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, data lakes).

Integration API
Accessible for integration with various touch points (mobile applications, kiosks, web portals, admin consoles), media (face recognition, NFC, QR code, Card /Card readers) and channels (EDC, POS, web, switches)

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